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Our Mission

Welcome to Whole Nine K9, your premier Charlotte North Carolina dog training choice. Our mission is simple, to build you a better companion. By having a properly trained dog you and your family can relax knowing your beloved pet will behave when you need him to and your bond will grow stronger than ever. I work exclusively for you and your pet so that your time with them can be stress free. Whether you want the best dog at your Charlotte dog park, dog bar or go off leash on your next beach trip, we have you covered.


About Mark started training his personal dogs for conformation back in 2003. He's taken four dogs to conformation Champion over the years. His interest led him to personal protection dogs and the sport of Schutzhund or IPO. Mark trains with the local Sheriff K9 unit and helps decoy for the United Police Working Dog Association that certifies almost thirty local police dogs in aggression each year. He competes in Schuzund with Sura, his two year old Belgian Malinois. When time permits he travels to competitive obedience and protection seminars around the USA. Along with local Sheriff K9s he's assisted several local facilities train protection dogs and is a certified decoy through United Schutzhund Club of America. He's trained and fostered rescue dogs and offers discounted training to any local dog rescue or any active or retired police/millitary.


The majority of what we do is a three week board and train. We take all of the guess work out and eliminate any inconsistencies in training. I take your pet almost everywhere I go, sometimes even when I train police and personal protection dogs and sometimes even when I go camping. The more I can train them in outside environments the better they will respond. I train in all types of places with different distractions to proof their behavior and ensure they can perform anywhere when you get them back. I try to limit my board and train to two dogs at a time to ensure I give them plenty of one on one time. Typically we do E-Collar training in that time and the collar is included in our price. We do not use the E-Collar to strictly punish your dog, we use the collar to shape behaviors in a positive way and consider the collar an invisible leash and a great tool to give your dog freedom from constant tethering to your arm. The three week board and train is $1,500 including collar.

Our Focus

We focus on Come when called, sit/stay, Down/stay, Proper leash manners (heel), "Place" (typically a dog bed), "Out" (basic how to play and let go of toy) and anything else we see in evaluation that needs to be addressed. We train every dog differently, the ability to asses each dog and train to their strengths and weakness is our advantage. We do offer a puppy package starting at 8 weeks old. This five week plan teaches you basic handling and teaches the puppy "marker" training. In this time we will teach almost all basic behaviors to your dog before we even name those behaviors. Your puppy will start to offer these behaviors without you even asking! The bond you get with this type of training is unbelievable and once they learn our system they will easily learn anything after that. Our private one on one puppy package is $600 for five lessons. The younger the better but we prefer under eight months for this package. Our on/off leash training is best geared for the owner who is dedicated and wants to put in the time and effort to take their pet to the next level. The majority of this is teaching you, not the dog. We will meet once a week for an hour and each week you will have homework, things to accomplish by our next session. During this time you can always call with a question or even better send me videos of your training if needed. This package is tailored to your goals and we will put together a plan to achieve it together. The cost is $650-800 depending on our options for five one on one sessions.

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