Puppy imprinting

We raise a lot of sport, personal protection and working dogs. We have a complete system of teaching young puppies to have great foundation, lots of confidence and will want to offer us behaviors instead of us barking orders at them. We use their meals in this time to start imprinting the basic and advanced positions and add some tricks in there too. We like to start at ten weeks old, as close to that age the better. This two week board and train will start your pup off in the lead and your friends and family will envy the focus and attention you and your dog will have, it's great bonding. Two follow up sessions are included in the price, $1,000. The bond and engagement you and your dog will have from this type training will have everyone envious of your relationship. This foundation training is how teams are made.

Basic Obedience

In our Basic Obedience package we start at the foundation and build a strong understanding of whats to come as they mature. We start with teaching them marker training and teach leash manners, on leash recall, sit, down, sit/stay, down/stay and come when called. We meet weekly in a Charlotte dog friendly park and train with distractions right away. Each week we will focus on teaching a new behavior and we give you some homework to work on each day. It's a great way to bond with your dog and very rewarding to both of you. Most dogs are finished in eight weeks or less and after four lessons you're able to come to our group classes. Your first four sessions are $500 paid upfront and after that they are $75 each hour lesson.


Board and Train

This has been our most popular option in the past! Let us do the work for you in the comfort of our homes. This three week package covers the basic and most of the advanced content. Off leash recall with distractions, sit/stay, down/stay, great leash manners and our favorite command, "Place". The "Place" command is something I use every day. By asking for your dog to stay on his dog bed until released it solves a ton of problems like bagging when we eat, annoyance when prepping for or overly excited when visitors come by. Typically we do E-Collar training in that time and the collar is included in our price. We do not use the E-Collar to strictly punish your dog, we use the collar to shape behaviors in a positive way and consider the collar an invisible leash and a great tool to give your dog freedom from constant tethering to your arm. The three week board and train is $1,500 including collar. Three group classes are included in this package to help you keep your pup in top training going forward.

advanced training

In our Advanced Training package we start to proof your dogs behavior and start adding in distractions. These training sessions can be at the park, a Charlotte dog park, a pet store or a big box store that is dog friendly. During this time we tighten up on all of our basic obedience and add in the off leash heeling and recall. We believe strongly in allowing our dogs to be off leash when appropriate and we want to help you get there. Eight to ten weeks is suggested but will always fluctuate between breeds. First four sessions are $500 and $75 each hour lesson after that.

Protection sports

We do offer protection dog training for the best suited dogs. We require them to be clear headed, upmost confidence, physically fit and strong drives. Call or email to set up an evaluation, we can do private lessons or you can train your dog with our personal and private protection dog club on Sundays. Cost depends of your personal goals, contact us for more information. Mark and Cody are both certified helpers and have worked in IPO (Schutzhund), police dogs and PSA bite sports.

Group Classes

Our group classes are available to anyone who has had over four sessions with their dog. These group classes are available all around Charlotte and we believe in changing the scenery and different distractions. Group classes are a great way to proof your dog's behavior around people and other dogs and the social intercourse is always fun as well. Most of our group classes are on Saturday mornings, call or email us to see where our next scheduled group class will be held! The best part? Group classes are just $50.

Next Steps...

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